good footings


For the last year we have been slowly replacing all of the customized Wagon Stations with new “stock” Wagon Stations that are available for people involved in activities at AZ West to stay in.  And while expanding the Wagon Station encampment it also became time to address the never ceasing issue with wind.  Even though four strong people can barely lift one of these units, our desert windstorms have managed to flip and smash them on an ongoing basis.


About two months ago TK engineered a new footing and a tie down system – along with fasteners on the hatch and back entry door.  So far they have weathered at least two fairly fierce windstorms and nothing has flipped yet… fingers crossed!


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  1. janet white

    This morning I climbed the stairs to the attic to check my ‘inbox’, coffee in hand, seagulls crying outside the window, and saw your ‘footings’ and wagon stations. Instantly, I felt connected to ground. Pause. Breathe and dream.
    I hope the new fixings weather any storms.


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