Not Exactly as Planned


It all ended with this…. but that part happened later on.  On Saturday Catharine Stebbins came out to sit the HQ.  It was a good day, there were loads of people in town (odd for an august weekend) and things went smoothly – Catharine has lots of really cool overlapping skill sets from sewing to photography – and she made a new volunteer check in list as well as a sales record.  (which we needed since we sold another Brian Bosworth planter!)


At about 1:00  the former smockers began to roll into town. Peggy, Ashira and Kenturah and then Kate, Michelle and Molly all came out from LA to help prep for for our Portland Maine debut as “the Group Formerly Known as Smockshop” (check it out – September 11th, 2010!).  We set up a work area in the back room of the HQ and spent the afternoon sewing a new banner and table coverings.


In the afternoon, after the shop closed for the day I had plans to meet with Doug who was working on a series of filmed conversations with artists for the NY Times.   We headed back to A-Z West with plans for the panelists to finish the day working on the back patio with cold beers while I did my conversation with Doug.  And Sarah and Luke from Lucky Dragons were also working with Doug – so they came out to A-Z West too.   And to make scheduling more tricky my friend Jeff was doing a show that night at 7:00 in downtown Joshua Tree.  (This is a very difficult story to simplify).  I went with my posse to see Jeff’s gig while Doug and his crew filmed Lucky Dragons playing music at sunset on the top of the rocky hillside behind my house.


This is a picture of everyone up on the hill as we were leaving the house.  What no one anticipated was the bee hive right in the boulders behind where Sarah and Luke were playing. About an hour later, disturbed by all the commotion, the bees swarmed the musicians and the film crew.  Described as thick dark roaring blankets they descended each person in the group who were trying to scramble while under attack down the precarious boulders – with bees stinging their faces and getting in their hair and clothing.  Sarah and Steve were allergic to bees and had to be immediately bundled off to the ER and all the filming equipment was abandoned up on the hill.  I got home just in time to wait for Brian the Bee man who arrived at about 10:00 PM with bee suits to help retrieve the recording instruments, computers, cell phones, sunglasses, etc that had been lost on the flight on the way down from the hill.  It was a long strange day and I’d bet money that something in my astrological star sequence has been out of whack all week.   (Though overall, and despite the chaos,  it was still pretty rad to meet Catherine, see all of the smockers, Sarah and Luke, and Doug and his really fabulously competent and courteous film crew)

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  1. I thought the suits were part of the film concept!!!! I had no idea there was an unscripted + unscheduled bee swarm!!


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