Panels in Palm Springs


Check out the latest pop up shop for the Group Formerly Known as smocksup!  This one was actually part of Mt Fuji pop up at at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  Catharine, Danielle, Peggy  and I worked the sale. Peggy met a guy who she used to go to school with who now owns a spa on the east coast.  He bought her crazy sequined body-bag panel (check out the photo of her performing in it in the entry for the Swapmeet)


Also, for those of you not familiar with the Palm Spring Ace, one of the hot features of the hotel is a crazy hipster pool scene there on the weekends (“swim club”) which means that we had shoppers in the store wearing teeny bikinis and one even wearing only a towel (an escapee from the spa next door) in the middle of December.


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