Restaurant Relocation

IMG_9573After Sunday brunch at the Palms Brad, Brooks, Dan, Travis, Jack, Bob and I went deep into Wonder Valley to move Bob Dornberger’s Secret Restaurant which had been accidentally installed on Mojave Land Trust Land instead of our 40 Acre HDTS parcel off of Iron Age Road.  Figuring out  parcel boundaries is  a tricky affair at best, and the original placement of the restaurant  had been off by several yards causing  visits from BLM and a lot of consternation trying to figure out exactly who’s land we were on.  (Sorting this stuff out is crazy difficult – because we are miles from any sort of physical marker or visible boundary)



Bob decided to move the restaurant onto our HDTS parcel this weekend –  He, Brooks and Brad dug up and disassembled  the structure on Saturday, and on Sunday a larger group of us came out to transport and reinstall it.  I coaxed Travis and Jack out there after brunch for what I loosely referred to as “an hour or two of  digging”  – but once we got into the project they super graciously stuck around to see it through.  Bob had made an “off road” cart to move the steel panels with and things went fairly smoothly until the very end of the day when we were starting to lose the light and realized that the bottom of the hole needs widening in order to fit the panels together.  (one of the panels torqued when we tried to slide it into place) I think I may have overheard a few sad sighs from Bob about not being able to finish what we had begun, but it made the most sense to all of us to return when we were fresh and had more daylight and less stress.  (Don’t miss the next incarnation of Secret Restaurant:  “Full Moon Ramen” on  March 15th!)


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