the hq has it all…

IMG_8792 Last Thursday Patrick, our intrepid HDTS intern Ari, and Andrea erected and installed our beautiful new HDTS signs. The HQ is tucked around the corner off of 29 Palms Hwy – and we don’t have a lot of visibility to those taking the straight and narrow through Morogono Basin.  Plus lots of people don’t even know who we are.  A guy came in a few weeks ago asking if High Desert Test Sites is where we give tests to the homeschoolers!  Anyway, Randy Brill at the Sky Harbor Swap Meet came through for us once again with this suite of signs, hand made with a router.  And Patrick and Ari dug some REALLY deep holes right next to the sidewalk by the entrance of the HDTS HQ.
Like the sign says, the HQ sort of has it all.  You can check out our HDTS archive (both in book form and on a DVD), old HDTS publications and posters (including some really amazing hand made silkscreens by Jenny Nichols),  the most current driving map to existing sites, and lots of other really cool stuff made by HDTS artists and Joshua Tree locals that we are selling to help offset the costs of running the space.IMG_8801

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    • andrea zittel

      My friend Steve Halterman. He is amazing, right? Just did a really huge Stained Glass window for the restaurant at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs….

      • ah! thanks so much, I had run across Steve’s wagon wheels a few years ago and had been trying to put my finger on his name so I could check his stuff out again. I stumbled upon your blog and I recognized his wheel immediately!

        I must add I am completely in awe of your work as well, I especially love your Raugh desk and your wood ceilings with the new lights! Very warm, beautiful, and inspiring work I am happy to have run across your blog.


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