Wonder Valley Experimental Living Cabins

The Wonder Valley Experimental Living Cabins are Zittel’s newest artworks for prototyping living structures. She has created them both for her own use, and to allow others to experience her works in their original context— allowing visitors to step outside the structure of their everyday lives and routines, in order to reevaluate assumptions about needs, values, and social norms.  The two 400 square foot homestead cabins are located in Wonder Valley, approximately 40 minutes east of A-Z West—a remote expanse of desert outside of Twentynine Palms. The cabins have no running water, toilets, showers, electricity (or solar), and are recommended for those who are hardy, and open to living with minimal infrastructure.

The sculpture currently installed in the cabins, Planar Configuration, is a single unit comprised of various vertical and horizontal surfaces that function as seating, table, bed, counter, and room divider.   Visitors are provided with basic necessities, including camp stove, bedding, composting toilet, water, oil lamp, cooking tools, utensils, and a detailed orientation when they arrive. While the main compound of A-Z West provides a more social context for living and working, these cabins are extremely private, and are ideal for those interested in exploring a deep sense of solitude.

The Experimental Living Cabins can be booked for a minimum of one week. While they are intended for solitary stays, up to two people can stay in a cabin at a time.

The weekly rate is $575 (seven days/six nights, $100/night for additional nights) and includes orientation and supplies: clean linens, propane, and a modest amount of water. To schedule a stay or inquire about the cabins, please email azwest@zittel.org.